Segway Blast for Two

   In Brief :

    Segway Blast experience for two
    A briefing and training session.
    Gain your confidence on the familiarisation excursion.
    Enjoy an exciting Segway rally circuit!
    You will spend around 30 minutes on the Segway.

What happens on the day ?

Segways are mind boggling machines, powered by electricity and controlled by leaning slightly forwards or slightly backwards, with steering via a T-bar which you move left to go left and, yes you've guessed it, right to go right.

That's how easy these things are to control. Except it's not that easy. After kitting up with protective gear you'll engage in a group training session and excursion to get you up to speed with these freaky gadgets and then it's onto the rally circuit to put your new found skills to the test.

You'll laugh until you cry, just make sure you don't crash !

Where can I do it ?

East: Cambridgeshire (Huntingdon)

Midlands: Nottinghamshire (Near Worksop)

Midlands: Shropshire (Telford)

Midlands: West Midlands (Nr Tamworth)

North East: County Durham (Stockton-On-Tees)

North East: North Yorkshire (Harrogate)

North West: Cheshire (Knutsford)

Scotland: Lothians (Musselburgh)

South East: Berkshire (Maidenhead)

South East: Kent (Shorne Woods)

South East: London

South East: Surrey (Horsham)

South West: Avon (Bath)

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