Aerobatic Flying Experience :

 Experience the feeling of a ‘Barrel Roll’ or a ‘Loop the Loop’ during your flight at an experienced aviation centre. You will be a part of a spectacular display of grace and elegance, whilst viewing the world from a different angle and defying gravity. Sit back and enjoy the exhilaration as you encounter well-known aerobatic manoeuvres such as loops, rolls, stall turns, chandelles and steep turns. You will fly at speeds of over 100mph, thousands of feet in the air and test your nerves in this adventurous, white knuckle ride.

Hot Air Balloon Flight for Two :


Get a new perspective on the world as you soar through the sky in an iconic Virgin hot air balloon. You and a friend or partner will be welcomed as part of a group aboard one of Virgin’s stunning red balloons for an unforgettable 60 minute flight at one of over 100 available locations across the UK.
You’ll be following in the footsteps of Sir Richard Branson as you take to the sky on a thrilling journey with panoramic views and a magnificent sense of freedom. Each flight is different but no matter when or where you fly, you’re sure to take away some sensational memories and amazing photographs to match. After landing, you’ll gather around for a celebratory glass of chilled Champagne – what better way to end this once-in-a-lifetime experience for two?

15 mile Helicopter Pleasure Flight :


You can enjoy taking to the skies with a 15 mile Helicopter Pleasure Flight. There are over twenty locations across the UK where you can take this experience and admire the landscape below you as you soar 1000ft in the air. When you first arrive at your chosen location you will meet with the crew who will give you a short technical briefing and go over safety before you take a seat in the helicopter. The pilot will raise the craft gently into the air while you sit back and enjoy the experience of being airborne and take in all the sights. You will be able to interact with the pilot through the means of a headset and they will point out all the local landmarks as you hover over them. You can also listen to the air traffic on the radio. This helicopter pleasure flight will be a truly unforgettable experience that all your friends and family will envy.

Aerotow or Two Winch Launch Glider Flight :


Gliding aircrafts are the ultimate way to fly without an engine. You will experience the total tranquillity of soaring and circling on the thermals, drifting silently on the wind in a dual control glider. After a short briefing from your British Gliding Association instructor, you’ll be able to climb aboard your glider for an Aerotow or Two Winch launches and begin your unforgettable flight. You'll take the controls during your flight, under expert instruction and if you get hooked, this first lesson counts towards a Glider Pilot's certificate

Microlight Flying Experience :


Why not try something different and take to the skies for what is often described as a true feeling of freedom in the air. Microlighting is a form of flight that has developed enormously over the past 20 years and has now evolved into one of the safest and most economical forms of flight. Ultra light and easy to fly, sit back and take in the glorious views of your chosen location or maybe give the controls a go yourself. Many clubs now use fixed wing Microlights that offer the comfort of a regular training aircraft, whilst others still use aircrafts with the flexible wing, open cockpit style, adding a vintage feel to your experience. Whichever you end up in, you are sure to feel the thrill of this marvellous aircraft.

Flight Simulator Experience Aboard a Boeing 737 :


If you’ve ever wanted to fly a plane, you can now experience the full thrill of piloting a Boeing 737 in complete safety. The 30 minute Flight Simulator Experience is ideal for anyone looking for their first taste of flying.  However, the session can be tailored to each individual, so even if you are a fully trained airline pilot you can fully enjoy this experience at a choice of location.

For those that have limited experience being up in the air, the instructor will talk you through every step and fill you with knowledge and confidence. The fantastic brand new simulators offer 1:1 full-life scale visuals with sound effects recorded from real airlines, making the experience as real as possible. You will have control over multiple aspects of your flight, including the time of day and the weather. Plus, there are simulations available for every one of the world’s 24,000 major air ports, so wherever it is your dream to fly, it can be made possible.

Introductory Flying Lesson :


Feel the adrenalin rush as you take the controls of your light aircraft and soar across the sky, you’ll receive one-to-one training with a Civil Aviation Authority licensed instructor and will spend approximately 30 minutes in the air. What you learn will depend on your chosen location but all participants receive flying time that counts towards a Private Pilot's licence. This experience has been described as “…exhilarating, a little scary but a lot of fun” and “A fantastic experience from beginning to end”.

Tiger Moth Flight - 30 minutes :


Now is your chance to hit the skies in a vintage Tiger Moth bi-plane. Feel the excitement and thrill of the wind on your face hundreds of feet in the air, whilst you sit comfortably in the open cockpit. These planes were designed by Geoffrey de Havilland and used by the Royal Air Force as a primary trainer in the 1930s, remaining in service with them until replaced by de Havilland’s next machine. You’ll be offered a leather flying jacket, goggles and helmet to wear too, so this really is a trip full of nostalgia. There’s just something magical about an open-cockpit biplane; it has a timeless grace and beauty that seems to perfectly capture the romance and adventure of its era.


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