Full Monty Tank Day

Drive some of the most powerful and feared military vehicles in the world with this Full Monty Tank Day. You’ll be kitted out in a camouflage suit and helmet before taking the controls of a selection of incredible vehicles such as a 432 Armoured Personnel Carrier, Lance Missile Carrier, Humvee, and Russian Gvodzika tank in this extraordinary experience, which includes a tasty lunch and refreshments to keep your energy levels up.

More than just driving, this fun day out also gives you the opportunity to have a go at clay pigeon shooting, SAS woodland patrol and firing 17th century flintlocks and mortars. Separated into teams, you and your fellow participants will battle it out in a range of tasks, with points awarded along the way. Give it your all because the winning participant and their team will get to crush a car with a Chieftain Main Battle Tank – an experience you will never forget

    What's Included ?

    Welcome, introduction and safety briefing
    Safety gear and protective clothing
    Driving a selection of fantastic vehicles
    Hot lunch and refreshments
    Experience gift pack including personalised voucher and message card
    Cancellation indemnity

What happens on the day ?

On arrival at the centre, you’ll be welcomed by staff and given a full briefing on the day’s activities. You’ll then be kitted out in a camouflaged suit and helmet before being separated into teams. Once suitably dressed, it’s onto the first of approximately six activities you’ll compete in throughout the day including*:

    Driving a 432 Armoured Personnel Carrier
    Driving a Russian Gvodzika tank
    Clay Pigeon Shooting
    SAS Woodland Patrol
    Driving a Lance Missile Carrier
    Driving a Humvee
    Firing 17th century flintlocks and mortars
    Talk on Weaponry and Terrorism

Enjoy taking the controls of some of these monster vehicles as you navigate your way around a purpose-built course which features steep side slopes and deep mud pools to push your driving skills to the limit. Give it all you’ve got because every participant will be awarded points for performance with the best driver on the day getting to crush a real car with a Chieftain Main Battle Tank with their team and spectators riding along inside.

As part of this magnificent experience, you’ll also enjoy a delicious hot lunch halfway through the day – a great opportunity to refuel before heading back out there for more exciting military-themed fun.

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